Our New Product: Ultrasonic Humidifier
Think the air in your room is too dry?
This household appliance can increase humidity or moisture in your room~~
Come and Buy one from our Shop while stocks are available!

Do you know what is Feng Shui Aquarium?
This decoration is the combination of aquarium and feng shui pool 风水池 
It is extremely beautiful when its rainbow light is on
These beautiful decoration look like this~~~~

Classic Crystal Stamping Machine is available in our shop too...Our Shop Location
Now you can stamp the crystal on your clothes with any style you like
Grab it while stocks last~~~ 

New sets of Baby Brooch are available in our shop! 
The baby brooch are cute~~~

New Brooch Sets are available in our shop!

Cartoon Cross Stitch

Little Mermaid - Cross Stitch - RM 28.90 / pcs,            Lady Purple - Cross Stitch - RM 42.90

儿了佛-RM 116.90 /pcs,            施福观音- RM 78.90/ pcs


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